Fan Filter Unit(FFU)

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Fan Filter Unit (FFU) is necessary for manufacturing or inspecting machines of semiconductor and displays, and many clean equipment such as clean booth, clean bench and stocker. We deal in clean module units by Panasonic Eco Systems. DC type: thin and supplying large air volume, AC type: selectable from various lineups, special-ordered products of dimension change, special Filter and other special specifications, and the products conforming to international standard (CE) are also available. Our optimal proposal meeting your various requests will contribute to ensure cleanness. Please contact us about not only FFU but also clean booth.

DC Brushless Motor Mounted type



  • Energy-saving and low noise
  • Setting of continuously variable transmission
  • Quick alarm at abnormal condition
  • Improvement of workability
  • Corresponding to various power supply types
  • Fan motor providing high static pressure

AC Motor Mounted type



  • Thin design
  • Low noise and low input
  • Air volume (strong/weak) switching
  • Various model lineups

Special-specification products


Special order examples

  • Changing products outline dimensions and mounting dimensions
  • Changing filter specifications
  • Changing power supply specifications
  • External extraction of operating part
  • Stainless steel exterior

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